Our-Work_Policy-400pxMembers of the Marin Economic Forum’s Issues Committee are comprised of experienced members of the Board of Directors. While the Marin Economic Forum does not endorse candidates for elective office, members of the Issues Committee meet monthly to respond to requests made to the Marin Economic Forum regarding advocacy on certain issues and positions. The committee reviews such requests within the context of the Marin Economic Forums charter and mission.

Working Group Focus

  • In a confidential manner, evaluates available information relevant to a particular issue pursuant to a process set forth by the organization in conformance with the Marin Economic Forum’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status; and
  • Provides data-supported recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding actions and/or positions to be taken by the organization on issues brought forth by the Marin Economic Forum staff, individual board members, clients, and members of communities served by the Marin Economic Forum.