Our-Work_Commercial-400pxMembers of the Construction & Development, Commercial Real Estate Working Group include construction professionals and vendors, commercial and residential property agents, financial and insurance professionals, and trade representatives.

Working Group Focus

  • Provides access to industry information on current construction and commercial occupancy trends in Marin County and the issues faced by the types of firms seeking locations in the county.
  • Explores the nature of the interaction between potential tenants, property owners, and local government policies related to the development and use of commercial space;
  • Explores ways in which the current supply of commercial space can be enhanced to suit the needs of firms moving to and/or expanding within Marin;
  • Provides access to information on trends related to supply-chain raw material production for the local construction; and
  • Provides information and recommendations to enhance the success of proposed in-fill developments in Marin and offers insight into improving the relationship between community stakeholders, project proponents, and planning agencies.