Our Work

Marin Economic Forum educates Marin County on its economy. This work takes many forms. From academic reports to networking businesses, MEF acts to reduce public policy barriers and direct individuals, businesses and other organizations to solutions. MEF and its board acts as a source of networking and information about the Marin County economy and the county’s role and connections in the North Bay. MEF uses its “working groups” to help find out more of what is happening on the front lines in Marin’s economy, and what questions are being asked by local businesses and non-profits.


MEF seeks to answer questions to help Marin move forward. Many issues connect local businesses to city and county governments, where data or deeper study provides more insight.


MEF has partnered with Working Solutions and raised funding to help grow businesses that may not qualify for traditional lending.


MEF is active in working with Marin County businesses to improve the local economy by managing and sustaining Marin as a travel destination.


MEF works with local commercial real estate professionals to find ways to lower vacancies and expand Marin County’s economy.


MEF works with Chamber of Commerce executives and local technology companies to address the needs of Bio Life Science companies working research organizations in Northern Marin.