Marin Economic Forum (MEF) offers sponsors some simple benefits and a great network of board and working group members to expand business opportunities within and beyond Marin County.  MEF events are generally partnership events, including local chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, or corporate entities.  MEF has partnered with most of the chambers in Marin County, and both Dominican University of California and the College of Marin on events.

Sponsorship Benefits

For event sponsors, the sponsor logo is placed prominently on the front of any documentation or advertising about the event.  In many cases, the event is about a specific study in which MEF is involved and the event sponsor is indirectly sponsoring the research.

In some cases, the sponsor provides resources to support research efforts directly.  Most of Marin Economic Forum’s research and educational reports are sponsored directly by a private client or a consortium of clients that want an academic report done on a public policy topic.  In these ways, MEF converts sponsor dollars into community education.

Sponsorship Inquiry

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