Life Sciences in Marin County

Life-Cycle-AllianceIn 2013, MEF and the City of Novato began a collaboration to bring more life-sciences businesses (biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biological research and design, etc.) to Marin County. We realized that Marin cannot do this alone. Marin County is beset on all sides geographically by areas where life-science businesses exist with specific focal markets. In Sonoma County, medical device design and manufacturing is a dominant industry. Napa County has plant science due to the large winery and viticulture businesses there. Solano County has a large Genentech campus on its eastern edge connecting Solano County to San Mateo County, and is a longstanding hotbed of life-science activity. Marin County has its own major businesses and many that are growing. BioMarin is now 20 years old and still growing, expanding both in San Rafael and in Novato. The Buck Institute for Aging Research acts like a biology department of a research university because of its affiliations and faculty. Other companies have slowly come out of both of these business engines. As these businesses grow from them, all the counties of the North Bay will be needed to support their growth.

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