MEF Forms Working Partnership with the  Marin HR Forum:  Creative Solutions to HR Challenges Facing Marin Employers

By Edna Nakamoto, SPHR
Board Member Marin HR Forum,
Founder, The HR Manager LLC

A thriving economy means more jobs and a strong reliance on talent or employees to contribute to business growth. In Marin County, employers face unique challenges of attracting and retaining top talent because of our location, demographics and the lack of local affordable housing. Even more challenging is the fact that Marin residents often find it more desirable to commute to neighboring counties for work.

In keeping with Marin Economic Forum’s (MEF) goal to create partnerships and initiatives that stimulate job and business growth for entrepreneurial businesses within Marin County, MEF has formed a working partnership with the Marin HR Forum. The goal of this partnership is to facilitate conversations between business leaders and HR professionals so together, we can better understand the issues of today and tomorrow and find creative solutions to human resources challenges that face Marin County employers.

So, who is the Marin HR Forum? The Forum is a volunteer-run, nonprofit association of local Human Resources professionals and affiliates whose common interest is to further education and professional development within the HR field. Through regular seminars and events, members receive legal updates, discuss workplace challenges, and learn how their peers and local leaders have addressed these same challenges.

“The Forum provides me with regular access to peers, thought leaders, and resources that I don’t think I would have found on my own. For me… their experience matters.” – Lisa Safran, Improv Consultants

No matter the type or size of your organization, you face challenges that range from filling open positions with qualified candidates, implementing a myriad of legal mandates related to the new sick leave ordinance or the Affordable Care Act, or just knowing what employment laws apply when paying your employees. Beyond tactical or daily HR issues, organizations must also think strategically to be sure that leaders are effective, employees are engaged, well-trained, work efficiently and productively, and that the right investments are made to streamline and make HR processes efficient and effective. The Marin HR Forum is a way for organizations to collaborate on these issues and many more. We invite you and your colleagues to become a part of the Marin HR Forum!

To learn more about the Marin HR Forum or to receive a listing of upcoming meetings or events, please go to or call Edna Nakamoto at (855) 254-1277, ext. 201.