Marin IJ Editorial: Economic forum’s new chief reflects focus

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Marin IJ Editorial

The naming of the Marin Economic Forum’s new chief not only opens a new chapter for this important public/private partnership, but it also reinforces the Marin economy’s focus on building the county’s position as a center for the growing bio-sciences industry.

Jim Cordeiro recently took over as the forum’s chief executive officer, leading an organization the mission of which has been making sure that the economic health of our county is not left out of our decision-making process.

In recent years, the organization has been commissioned to do reports on the economic impact of Marin General Hospital, the economic benefits of the Marin Center complex, Novato’s role and position in the growing bio-sciences industry, Sausalito’s economic issues and the costs of homelessness in Marin.

These reports put important facts and figures on the table as local officials shaped plans for proposed buildings as well as long-term community planning goals.

The group has also promoted bolstering Marin’s standing as a bio-science center.

Fast-growing Bio-Marin and the important work of the Buck Institute for Aging Research are terrific cornerstones for building a center for an industry that likely won’t grow out of date.

Cordeiro, a scientist who had founded his own bio-tech company and has been active in the entrepreneurial community, should be a solid fit for the commission.

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