Looking Towards Fall

I would like to start by giving a big thanks to all of you who attended our Marinnovation 2015 event on September 15th. We had a record number of exhibitors and attendees, and from the responses we have received, participants felt it was a highly successful event. MEF staff and volunteers work incredibly hard to make Marinnovation run smoothly each year, and we thank everyone who contributed to this year’s success!

As we move from Summer to Fall, the weather is a big topic for everyone in the region. As the Valley fire is brought under control in Lake County, the impact on the local economy will begin to come into focus. This devastating fire has scorched over 76,000 acres and has decimated many communities in Lake County. To date, it is being ranked as the third most destructive fire in the history of California.

Innovation in Marin

September is the month in which we highlight the innovative people, companies and organizations that reside and work in Marin County. On September 15th the Marin Economic Forum will be hosting Marinnovation 2015, our annual showcase of innovative businesses from across Marin. Marinnovation highlights Marin’s vibrant, creative culture and showcases technologies and ventures developing right here, right now. This year, we will be highlighting digital education and innovation, and are extremely pleased to have two wonderful keynote speakers from the George Lucas Educational Foundation; Dr. Milton Chen, Senior Fellow, and Peter Poutiatine, Senior Coordinator, School Selection and Trends. Additionally, Dr. Robert Eyler, MEF’s Chief Economist, will be discussing the continuing role of innovation in Marin County and the Bay Area, and how Marin continues to be a great place to do business.

Introduction of New CEO

It is with great excitement that I begin my tenure as CEO of the Marin Economic Forum (MEF). I am honored to join an organization with the reputation of MEF, and I look forward to contributing to the economic vitality of Marin County.

One of the many things that drew me to MEF is its mission statement: “The Marin Economic Forum enables Marin County’s economic stakeholders to collaborate on improving Marin County’s economic vitality, focusing on Marin’s targeted industries, while enhancing social equity and protecting the environment”. This view of economic development, of including social and environmental issues along with maintaining a robust economy, perfectly mirrors my own view of economic and community development.